Underpowered is a top-down shooter that takes this classic genre and flips it backwards. You thought you'd get to go through a few levels, become OP, and just easily defeat the boss? NO! 

Start at the boss and then make your way through the facility, while each level randomly decreases all of your stats. You better collect enough power-ups so that you don't become... UNDERPOWERED!

Assets used:

Scifi Background Pack - GalefireRPG

Cartoon FX Free - Jean Moreno

Electric Punk Vol.1 - Cyberpunk Game Soundtrack - AudioWonder

Universal Sound FX - Imphenzia

All other artwork - My wonderful Fiancée MaggieC


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game is beautiful and good idea.  you can try my game if have a time :D


I'm not sure how to finish the first level. I wish you made it clearer. Other than that, I love your take on the theme, as well as the graphics and audi.

I wish I could have the skills to make a top down shooter like this one. It’s really fun to play.

Wow that's really nice of you to say! :D I appreciate it very much!